Meet Smokey


Breed: Mastiff Mix
1.8 years
Adoption Fee:

Smokey is one of our most happy-go-lucky dogs. He wiggles himself silly when someone comes to his kennel to spend time with him. To say he loves people and craves attention is an understatement. True to his breed, he is very affectionate and good natured.

He loves to play with toys of all kinds, but is especially fond of squeaky toys and takes great pleasure in making them squeak like there's no tomorrow. He can be quite lively in his play jumping around and carrying on like a puppy. He is not possessive of toys and will allow you to remove the toy from him after a short game of tug.

Smokey is treat/food motivated and would be easy to train. That said, he does need someone patient and willing to spend the time with him to work on his basic obedience and leash walking. He is eager to please and appears motivated to learn.

His adoption has been partially sponsored by generous donations. A home check by Animal Control and vet reference is required for his adoption.

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