Meet Stokes


Breed: Shepherd Mix
2.5 years
Adoption Fee:

Stokes has had a bit of a rough start to his young life. In February of 2017 at the age of two, he was picked up as a stray and brought to the Oconee County Animal Shelter. He was transferred over to the Oconee Humane Society and put up for adoption a week later. He is still waiting for someone to look into his eyes and fall in love.

Stokes presents a challenge to any potential adopter in that he has limited social skills due to his history. He is great with people, even very playful at times, but where his past hurts him is in his lack of socializing around other dogs. He can exhibit aggressive behavior toward other dogs, especially other male dogs. What he needs is someone who has experience with under socialized dogs and is willing to work with him. Given the security of a stable and loving home environment, over time Stokes will come out of the protective shell he has developed and become the super companion he is destined to be. He just needs someone to see his potential that we see and take a leap of faith with him.

He would do best in a home with a single person or couple that can focus much of their attention on him and work with him on an ongoing basis. True to his shepherd breed, he needs lots of both physical and mental daily exercise to keep him from becoming destructive. Stokes is in dire need of a Hero to rescue him - time is not on his side. Will you be his Hero?

The requirements for his adoption are as follows: a vet reference, prior ownership/experience with dogs(Stokes needs someone who has experience handling large breed and behaviorally challenged dogs) and a home visit and approval by Animal Control. Households with small children or other male dogs will not be considered. 


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