Becoming a Foster Pet Parent is a tremendous way to help save lives.  Oconee Humane Society needs robust foster volunteers who are willing to open their hearts and homes to pets in need. 

Temporary dog fosters help bridge the gap for young puppies, a pet recovering from medical treatment, or even one experiencing excessive stress at the kennel. Providing safe shelter, love and support makes all the difference until the dog is ready for adoption.  Interested in helping?

Dog Foster Application Form 

Sadly, there are many hundreds of cats in Oconee County who are not spayed or neutered.  This results in a deluge of orphaned kittens and mother cats with kittens arriving at Oconee Animal Shelter every spring and summer.

OHS is committed to saving the lives of these cats and kittens, but we need to expand our walls.  There is just not enough room at the shelter, so WE NEED YOUR HELP!   We are actively recruiting foster parents for the kittens and the mother cats with kittens.

OHS will supply you with food, litter, litter boxes, food bowls, carriers and soft bedding, or you can supply these items yourself.  All you need to provide is:

  • Space to keep kittens separated from your other pets (a spare bathroom or bedroom is perfect)
  • About two hours per day for care, socialization and cleaning
  • Ability to bring kittens to the shelter for immunization appointments
  • Lots of love and nurturing!

IF YOU ARE ABLE TO SAVE EVEN ONE LITTER OR A MOTHER CAT AND HER KITTENS, please complete the Kitten Foster Application below.

Kitten/Cat Foster Application Form


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