Humane Education Program

Our Mission: To foster compassion, kindness and respect for companion animals through humane education of Oconee County youth and adults.

Our Vision: A Better World Through Kindness to Animals (As Humane Education Ambassadors of Best Friends Animal Society)

Our Values:

Inspire the next generation to be more aware of companion animals' needs and to advocate for their improved quality of life

Speak for mixed breed animals to elevate their status, increase acceptance and reduce euthanasia

Advance the highest standards in animal welfare to create a more humane world for companion animals

Provide knowledgeable resources and innovative education opportunities for Oconee County youth and adults.


  • Deliver presentations to schools, youth groups, and community organizations
  • Enhance and maintain relationships through lessons, newsletters, special projects
  • Acts as guide to groups touring facilities
  • Research and develop programs to educate the community about humane animal care, animal welfare issues and activities of the Humane Society
  • Develop and implement teacher in-service training, workshops and materials to serve as teaching aids
  • Develop timeline, procedures and goals for Humane Education


  • Program development including curriculum development and research
  • Skill in lesson planning and presentation
  • Understand role Humane Society plays and what services are offered
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Be dependable
  • Be willing to adhere to policies and procedures

Training Requirements:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Understanding of animal welfare issues and humane animal care
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