Fall for these "Unbeleafable" Dogs !!


Adoption Fee: $25

Nexus may fall for you first!  This beautiful girl loves to roll to the floor as soon as you pet her.  She is so much fun to watch as she shares her love at every turn.  This hound's for you!!




Adoption Fee: $25

Phoebee is simply a joy to be around.  A sweet, sensitive soul who loves everyone and has great doggie manners.  What a wonderful snuggle  buddy to help chase away the Fall chill.   


Adoption Fee: $25

Beanie is just a beautiful bouncing baby who loves everything about this world except for the fact he doesn't have a forever family.  He enjoys hugs, walks and playtime and wants to be your top dog.



Adoption Fee: $25

Otter can be a tad shy at first but quickly warms when he knows you care about him. He would likely enjoy agility or herding competitions or maybe just being an ace hiking buddy. 

A single cat or dog and just her female offspring can produce over 4,000 kittens and puppies in seven years. We can't possibly find homes for the staggering 4,500 pets we receive every year. What can you do to help?
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