Foster a pet, save a life!


Adoption Fee: $50

Hi, I'm TC.  Some say it stands for "too cute" or "terrific catch".   I'll let you decide. I can tell you, I'm a two and a half year-old lab/boxer mix who loves an active lifestyle and is ready to be your faithful companion.





Adoption Fee: $85

Sweet, Classy Stella!  This 10-month-old Shepherd mix has energy to burn and is ready to jog, hike or just romp in the back yard.  Well-behaved on her leash walks,  all she is missing is a wonderful home. 


Adoption Fee: $50

LuLu is one sweet and silly hound.  She loves everyone and can't wait to check out her surroundings.  What a great companion for hiking, exploring and then relaxing.


Adoption Fee: $25

Oh, Hello.  My name is Macie.  You seem very nice.  Maybe we can chat about how I'm the cat YOU need to adopt.  In addition to my good looks there's also a gentle personality!

A single cat or dog and just her female offspring can produce over 4,000 kittens and puppies in seven years. We can't possibly find homes for the staggering 4,500 pets we receive every year. What can you do to help?
Please spay / neuter your pets!