What are you waiting for--Adopt!


Adoption Fee: $50

Need a companion for long walks and then long naps?  Alexis is your girl.  This American English Coonhound mix is smart, playful and ready to be your best dog ever!





Adoption Fee: $25

Greg is one the many kittens available at the Adoption Center, Petco and PetSmart.  Stop by today to meet these adorable babies.


Adoption Fee: $50

Strikingly beautiful on the outside, our Sible is equally beautiful on the inside.  Her sweet, playful nature and zest for life makes her one awesome hound mix.  If you are looking for a smart and faithful companion come and meet Sible today!


Adoption Fee: $25

They say a lady never tells her age...but our Lady Godiva is proud to be a petite, 2-year-old.  Find out this girl's beauty secrets and have a wonderful friend by adopting Godiva.

A single cat or dog and just her female offspring can produce over 4,000 kittens and puppies in seven years. We can't possibly find homes for the staggering 4,500 pets we receive every year. What can you do to help?
Please spay / neuter your pets!