Every Pet Deserves a Second Chance


Adoption Fee: $50

What a beautiful brindle coat and adorable little under bite! Cleo's sweet, smart, and curious. She loves her humans and loves to play!  Give this girl a chance to show you what wonderful means.






Adoption Fee: $50

This perfectly-sized gal is intelligent, energetic and confident!! She is well socialized, cooperative, and friendly. Desi understands, "sit" and is always looking to please her human!! Help her get into the home she dreams about. 

Clove & Chives

Adoption Fee: $100 for both

Clove and Chives are a Dad and Son who want to be together for the rest of their lives.  Both are a tad shy and need each other to feel whole.  They are beautiful, with fur as soft as bunnies.


Adoption Fee: $25

Sweet Dallas had a rough start in life and at 6 years old is just learning what it means to be loved.  He now enjoys playtime, treats and exploring his surroundings. What he needs is a family to call his own!  Meet him today.

A single cat or dog and just her female offspring can produce over 4,000 kittens and puppies in seven years. We can't possibly find homes for the staggering 4,500 pets we receive every year. What can you do to help?
Please spay / neuter your pets!