Check Out Great Dogs for $25!

Jam Jam

Adoption Fee: $85

What a happy, tail-wagging girl with an upbeat attitude. She's such a pleasure to be with because she goes with the flow, but never fails to show sweet, gentle affection. You will instantly love her! Could you be the lucky one to make her your own?

Bonnie & Clyde (see Clyde under Adoption)

Adoption Fee: $25 each

2 year old siblings need to be adopted together. They are loving and affectionate!


Adoption Fee: $50

This 4-year-old Lab/Sharpei mix just wants to be with her human! She will open a latch or climb a fence to achieve it to!! One look into her golden eyes and chunky little snout and you will understand. She is great on a leash and ready to be your best friend. 


Adoption Fee: $25

This 5-year-old girl is serious about finding a new home!  Could you be the one?

A single cat or dog and just her female offspring can produce over 4,000 kittens and puppies in seven years. We can't possibly find homes for the staggering 4,500 pets we receive every year. What can you do to help?
Please spay / neuter your pets!