About Us

New Oconee Humane Society Clinic building



Our vision is to provide a humane and compassionate future for every animal.



To improve the health and welfare of Oconee County residents by providing animals with vital support through adoption, rescue, spay/neuter, wellness, advocacy and other education programs.

Both the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control Unit and the Oconee Humane Society are based at the Oconee Animal Shelter. Animal Control has the responsibility for overseeing the operations at the shelter, including vaccinating and caring for the animals. They respond to animal issues and complaints in the community. The Oconee Humane Society is responsible for the adoption and spay/neuter programs.

Board of Directors

Byron Oswald, President
Lynn Fayard, Vice President
Lisa MacInnis, Secretary
Kristin Morriss, Treasurer
Bob Hoover, Director
Paul Black, Director
Bonnie Eisenbies, Director
Melinda Citro, Director
Karen Taylor, Director
Dianne Sosnowski, Director Emeritus
Janet Barwick, Director Emeritus
Carole Ritter, Director Emeritus
Randy VanSurdam, Director Emeritus

Operations Manager

Shawn Pearson


Program Contacts: