SNAC Program

street cats need to be spay/neutered

For residents of Oconee County that qualify, there is a program that assists with the costs of a spay/neuter surgery. Oconee Humane Society (OHS) has commitment from many of the local veterinarians and obtained funding from Oconee County to administer this program. This partnership is called the Spay/Neuter Assistance Coalition (SNAC) program. The program is designed to provide low-household-income Oconee County residents, up to 200% over poverty, an affordable option to have their pets spayed/neutered.

Please note rescue groups are not eligible for SNAC vouchers.  These groups can  take part in the non-income based Oconee Humane Society low-cost spay/neuter program.

Program Qualification:

Pet owners qualifying for this program will pay sliding scale co-payments based on the income of their household. Pet owners at 100% of poverty would have a co-pay of $10; those over 100% and up to 150% of poverty would have $20 co-pay; while pet owners 150% up to 200% of poverty pay $30.

If you do not qualify for this program, please consider the OHS’ non-income based spay/neuter program of a discounted, pre-set cost for surgery.

Program Administration:

Pet owners are asked to come to the Oconee County Animal Shelter in person to be qualified for the program. During the interview process, a trained OHS representative will verify the household income of the pet owner and determine which co-pay tier would apply. The co-payment is due at the time the application is accepted and for the surgery to be scheduled.

Pet(s) must be current on a rabies vaccination and will need to provide a current rabies tag or certificate at the time of surgery or one will be administered at your cost. Pets also need to be in good health before the surgery.

When to Apply:

Applications are accepted Monday through Friday 10am – 4:00pm ONLY.

Please bring your documentation validating your household income in order to qualify for the program.

Cash, check, credit/debit are accepted for co-payments. Checks should be made out to the Oconee Humane Society.

If you have any questions about this program, please call OHS at 864-882-4719 or send an email to


A single dog or cat and her female offspring will produce over 4,000 offspring in 7 years.

You can help reduce these numbers by spaying and neutering your pets. It is the only way we can reduce pet overpopulation in Oconee County.

Please be a responsible pet owner and spay/neuter!

The veterinarians currently accepting these certificates include:

  • Oconee Veterinary Clinic (864-882-7893)
  • Fox Nest Veterinary Clinic (864-882-4488)
  • Seneca Animal Hospital (864-882-8747)
  • Animal House Veterinary Hospital (864-654-4410)
  • OHS Pet Care Clinic 864-765-6926