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Meet, Noble, a dog aptly named! The dictionary defines noble as, "Possessing outstanding qualities," and this 2 year old, male, boxer mix certainly fits that bill! He is quiet, easy going, and oh so well behaved. His manners are exquisite whether he is in his kennel, in the exercise yard with other dogs or walking on leash with a volunteer. We are incredulous that this boy with a tail that never stops wagging, was found as a stray, and not claimed, as clearly he was someone's well cared for pet. Now their loss can be your gain. Please come in and be amazed by our noble Noble. You will fall in love.  Check out his movie filmed at PetSmart


Oconee Animal Shelter is overflowing with healthy kittens needing foster homes. We have kittens of all colors and coats who are too small for spay or neuter.  These adorable kittens need two to three weeks in a loving home before they are large enough for surgery and adoption.  If you can help, please call Jaimee at 888-0221 any time 10am - 5pm Monday through Friday .  FOSTERING IS FUN!!!